IHAN Technical Workshop: Services

IHAN Technical Workshop: Services

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Services in the IHAN world

IHAN internal services and the core components concentrate on managing the process of enabling proper access to the data and creating services from that data. Life-cycle management of services and especially their raw data – data sources – are critical for creation vibrant and sustainable development community. Equally important it is to be able to promote the services and for end users to discover these services. Sign-up and seamless transfer to consent management processes is key from CX point of view. This functionality is enabled with components described in the IHAN Blueprint – Personal Service Directory, Service Provider Service Directory, Public Service Directory, Data Source.

This workshop focuses on three main areas

  • controlling the process from IHAN – is everything necessary described in the Blueprint?
  • how services and data sources need to be managed throughout their life cycles
  • what are the challenges in creating next generation service ecosystems

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