Lifelong Learning Governance in the Nordic Countries
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Lifelong Learning Governance in the Nordic Countries

How is lifelong learning as a whole governed in the Nordic countries? Is the governance based on separate administrative branches or is systemic thinking applied? We compared the practices.


The publications:

Lifelong learning governance in the Nordic countries: a comparison

Ledning av livslångt lärande i Norden: en jämförelse

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In a complex world, promoting lifelong learning is becoming an increasingly important investment in the well-being and competitiveness of individuals, companies and society. Governing a multifaceted entity in a complex environment is a demanding task, and therefore, a systemic approach is necessary.

In order to learn from each other, we compared the structures of steering lifelong learning policy in the Nordic countries. We examined if the practices are based on the measures of different administrative branches or if a systemic approach is applied.

The memorandum Lifelong Learning Governance in the Nordic Countries: A Comparison – Towards a Systemic Approach will be published in an online event, which you are kindly invited to attend.

The publication will be available in English and Swedish. It is based on a broader Finnish memorandum published in November 2020.

The event is open for all Nordic or international decision-makers, experts and coordinators interested in governance of lifelong learning or systemic leadership. The goal is to learn from the different practices for governing lifelong learning in the Nordic countries. We also aim to encourage international networking to further develop lifelong learning policies on a long-term basis.

The event will be held in English.

Please see the top of the page for the registration link. The event will be held through Zoom.


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