The New Data Economy Rainmakers: How’s Your Business?

The New Data Economy Rainmakers: How’s Your Business?

Ever wondered where all the money in data economy is? If you feel you haven’t seen enough of it in your organisation’s purse, this event is perfect for you.

The workings of data economy may seem mysterious when in fact it’s all very simple: the one with the data and the right resources is the one with the money. Since super platforms in Europe are nowhere to be seen we at Sitra decided to survey the state of data economy affairs in four European sample countries: Finland, France, Germany and The Netherlands. We asked about hinders and skills, motivation and maturity – and the companies answered.

This event brings you fresh information from a business perspective on the state of European data economy. In addition, we will uncover an opportunity for Europe to create their own model for data economy. The new data economy model is fair for all: individuals, business and society.

Please note that attending this side event requires pre-registration to the ICT Proposers’ Day (free).


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New Data Economy Rainmakers: How’s your business from Sitra / Hyvinvointi

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