Where’s my data? – Citizen’s digital trail
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Where’s my data? – Citizen’s digital trail

What kind of data accumulates about us when we use digital services? How is our data used? Where does our personal data “trickle” to and what is the significance of this? We analysed the flow of data and published the results of the analysis at an event intended for NGOs and other stakeholders.

The use of different digital services and devices creates a footprint, or data, about the individual in question. However, it is difficult for an individual to understand the flow of their personal data in digital services.

With the aid of six test subjects, Sitra analysed what kind of data accumulates about us when we use digital services and how our data is used. The results were published at an event held on International Data Protection Day. In the event, Sitra also launched the Digiprofile test, which helps people understand how the data economy works and the meaning of privacy in the data economy.

The keynote speaker is one of the leading personal data experts and the whistleblower for Cambridge Analytica scandal, Paul-Olivier Dehaye. UNICEF’s Steven Vosloo commented on the digital rights from the perspective of children. In the panel discussion, the theme was considered from an individual’s point of view by Virpi Hukkanen, journalist at Yle’s News and Current Affairs unit, and Jussi Kivipuro, Development Director at UNICEF Finland, among others.

A recording of the event is now available on this page. Program was partly held in English.


Paul-Olivier Dehaye

Paul-Olivier Dehaye is the founder of PersonalData.IO, a nonprofit focused on making data protection rights individually actionable and collectively useful. He is interested in collaborative sensemaking of personal data ecosystems through mapping and engagement of civil society. As a mathematician, he is also keenly interested in ensuring we have proper processes in systems in place to hold algorithmic systems and their creators accountable. It is what attracted him to investigate the firm Cambridge Analytica, for which he appeared in the documentary The Great Hack. He also sits on the board of MyData Global, a nonprofit working on personal data empowerment.

Steven Vosloo

Steven is passionate about using technology for development, especially in education, and is currently based in New York as the digital policy specialist for UNICEF. He has led the mobile learning programme at UNESCO, Paris, and was the former head of mobile at Pearson South Africa. He was awarded a research fellowship at Stanford University and has been a fellow for 21st Century Learning at the Shuttleworth Foundation.


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