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Call for 2021 WCEF Side Event applications

The call for organising 2021 WCEF Side Events is now open. New side events will be published monthly.


Tuula Sjöstedt

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WCEF Side Events are part of the World Circular Economy Forum concept. The organisers of these side events have an opportunity to present their circular economy The circular economy An economic model which does not focus on producing more and more goods, but in which consumption is based on using services – sharing, renting and recycling – instead of owning. Materials are not destroyed in the end, but are used to make new products over and over again. Open term page The circular economy solutions and engage an international audience. They also get to highlight their work in supporting the development of a circular economy.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, online events have become the new normal, enabling participation from anywhere around the world. All annual WCEF and WCEF+ events will be available for online participation. In addition, a variety of selected events can be held online or face-to-face as WCEF Side Events.

Previously, side events were organised in close proximity to the annual WCEF conference. This year, we allowed WCEFonline Side Events to be organised from September to December 2020, resulting in a record number of 86 side events. With this encouraging experience, we have decided to open a continuous call for side event applications.

From January 2021 onwards, WCEF Side Events can be organised anytime, excluding the days when the annual main event and WCEF+ events are taking place. Side events can be virtual or local events, depending on possible restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 situation.

The language for most side events will be English to enable a wide participation from all over the world. Some side events can also be arranged in other languages, to help boost the local circular economy community.

The topics addressed in WCEF Side Events can include specific topics related to the circular economy and SDGs, such as inclusivity or natural resources. In the run-up to the WCEF2021 in Toronto, Canada, side events can also be topically linked to themes addressed in other WCEF events, e.g. rebooting the economy with circular solutions as in WCEFonline; climate as in WCEF+Climate in The Netherlands; or WCEF2021 in Canada.

All WCEF Side Events are independent events and can be organised by one or more hosts. The organisers of each side event are responsible for all practicalities and expenses related to organising the event, including the virtual event platform and tools, possible venue, programme, invitations, registration, marketing and communications. Sitra will not be responsible for any practical arrangements or costs.

As the initiator of the WCEF concept, Sitra will promote the side events on the WCEF project website, in WCEF newsletters and on social media, based on the information submitted by the side event organisers in the application form.

If you are interested in organising a WCEF Side Event, please submit your application to using the application form. First approvals for next year’s WCEF side events will be made on 15 December 2020, and new side events will be added monthly.

For more information about WCEF Side Events, please contact Kirsi Pönni at

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