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Sitra’s Globe League challenges NGOs to find new ways to encourage people to be environmentally friendly

The Globe League launched today seeks new ways of inspiring Finnish people to live a sustainable everyday life. Sitra is challenging NGOs to develop solutions that motivate people to be environmentally friendly. The creators of the best ideas will receive a grant of 10,000 euros and will be able to participate in the development programme being launched in the autumn 2018.


Sanna Autere


Ten organisations, associations or clubs that have gathered together teams of three to six people to work on their idea will be chosen for the Globe League development programme. The Globe League supports the development of these ideas into concrete and feasible solutions.

“Almost 70% of Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions are generated as a result of the decisions made by consumers: the way we live, travel, and eat and what we buy,” says specialist Sari Laine from Sitra. “Our ordinary daily choices also allow us to considerably reduce emissions. It is important to encourage everyone to participate in making changes and to be inspired about more ecological choices. In this work, associations, organisations and, for example, sports clubs play an important role.”

In the Globe League, an NGO develops its idea into a concept that is tested on a target group. The solution should encourage people to take sustainable everyday actions and choices that reduce carbon footprints and save natural resources.

The teams selected for the development programme will receive a grant of 10,000 euros and, at the end of the programme, the team that has developed its idea furthest will be given 20,000 euros to implement it. During the development programme, the teams will learn more about service design, effectiveness, marketing, communication and a resource-wise everyday life.

“Non-governmental organisations, local associations and sports clubs are invaluable for the well-being of people and the development of society. Organisations of different sizes and compositions are experts in their fields, whether it be providing support for older people, football or walking in nature. Associations reach a large number of people with a huge potential from the point of view of sustainable everyday life,” Laine says.

The Globe League combines the power of NGOs and sustainable everyday actions. The aim is to develop new and innovative concepts, events, campaigns or services that make sustainable everyday life easy and attractive.

“NGOs have always been involved in the changes in our society as active participants and influencers. For example, the origins of the Finnish maternity package, which has attracted a lot of international attention, are in NGO work. Because of climate change, we now urgently need a change in our way of life and the daily choices we make in our everyday life. Organisations are a great resource in this work,” says Laine.

You will find the Globe League website at The call for applications for the development programme is open between 3 May and 3 August 2018.

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