Cesare Rapparini

Aroma System

Cesare Rapparini knows about plastic waste and how to tackle the problem.

Aroma System spun out of a family business that combines cutting-edge technology with a passion for good coffee. The company manufactures automatic packaging machinery that creates pouches, vacuum packs, capsules, pods and water-soluble single-use packs. Aroma System engineered a compostable alternative to address challenges of recycling the plastic-aluminium compounds in conventional coffee capsules. From the environmental point of view, given the ever-growing market of non-recyclable plastics, it is expected that the scale-up on industrial scale of the new eco-friendly material will allow significant savings of raw petrochemical sources, pollutants and plastic wastes.

Cesare Rapparini is speaking at the following WCEF2018 sessions:

Tue 23 October at 11:00 : Showcasing Circular Business Solutions

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