Giorgos Demetriou

Professor, École des Ponts Business School and ENPC in Paris

Giorgos Demetriou has a passion with technologies that can enable Circular Economy as well as the data driven economy.

He is a professor of Circular Economy at the École des Ponts Business School as well as a Professor of Circular Economy and New Business models at ENPC in Paris. He has worked for more than fourteen years in the EU landscape, and has participated in numerous published reports. He is an acknowledged contributor to the Global Risk 2013 report commissioned by the World Economic Forum, to a report carried out in collaboration with Harvard University and the European Parliament on a novel intervention to address the European Financial Crisis, as well as member of the European Commission’s Expert Group for the ‘Support to Circular Economy Financing’.

Giorgos Demetriou is speaking at the following WCEF2018 session:

Tue 23 October at 14:00 : Circular Economy’s Frontier of Knowledge

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