Published February 17, 2017

Blueprints for a Circular Bio-Based Economy

How do we accelerate the development of a circular economy with zero waste as the end goal? How do we increase the use of CO2 neutral bio-based materials that are sustainably produced and reusable? This high-level session discusses how we can build societies where our economies are not only circular, but also bio-based, with the help of concrete examples from the Nordic fashion and textile industry.

Confirmed speakers:

Jocelyn Bleriot, Executive Officer, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Per Bolund, Sweden’s Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs
Kari Herlevi, Project Director, Sitra
Alice Kaudia, Kenya’s Environment Secretary
Chris Kuijpers, Director General, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Netherlands
Elin Larsson, Filippa K
Kimmo Tiilikainen, Finland’s Minister of Agriculture and the Environment

Moderated by Camille Duran, Green Exchange

This session is related to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Session organised with Nordic Council of Ministers.