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Mikko Kosonen is a former President of Sitra. His main task involved allocating Sitra’s intellectual and financial resources in a way that enables Finland to become a pioneer in sustainable well-being. He believes that the future is built together through positive future scenarios and bold experiments.


Mikko’s expertise is in strategic management, of which he has over 20 years’ experience at Nokia and over 10 years at Sitra. He has published several books and articles on strategic management, most recently Fast Strategy – How Strategic Agility will help you stay ahead of the game (2008) and New Deal at the Top – Harvard Business Review (2007), both with Professor Yves Doz.

Mikko’s professional passion is influenced by the subject of regenerative capacity at all levels: at personal and organisational levels and in society and the world. Regeneration is necessary in an increasingly changing and complicated world, and Mikko believes that investing in it will be the best “life insurance” for all of us.

What else?

Mikko spends his free time with his family and engaged in sports and cultural tourism. A sociable person, Mikko enjoys visiting the opera and concerts, but nonetheless also finds going on cross-country skiing and biking trips alone excellent ways to relax and recover. Whenever possible, Mikko will retreat at weekends and in holiday time to his cottage in the Kustavi archipelago with his wife and children. As a competitive “high achiever”, Mikko also enjoys participating in sports events such as triathlons, and tracking any kind of human performance.

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