Naoko Ishii

CEO and Chairperson, GEF

Naoko Ishii strives to protect our air, water, biodiversity, forests, land, oceans and a stable climate.

She has steered the development and implementation of a new long-term strategy that addresses the underlying drivers of environmental degradation at the GEF. Previously, Naoko was Deputy Vice Minister of Finance in Japan and has also worked at the World Bank and the IMF. She has published numerous papers and several books, two of which were awarded the Suntory Prize and Okita Memorial Prize for International Development Research. She is the inaugural recipient of the 2006 Enjoji Jiro Memorial Prize and holds a B.A. and a Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo.

Naoko Ishii is speaking at the following WCEF2018 sessions:

Mon 22 October at 12:00 : WCEF2018 Grand Opening: Circular Visions towards 2050
Mon 22 October at 14:30 : Circular Finance and Impact Investment

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