Timo Mäkelä

Senior Advisor, Sustainability solutions


Timo Mäkelä is a senior advisor helping Sitra and its Sustainability solutions theme with strategy work and international connections. It is important for Sitra to understand and learn from what is done and what happens in other countries, especially in the EU, and to increase awareness of the results of Sitra’s work and promote this work internationally.


Timo has gained extensive international experience through expert and leadership positions in environmental protection and sustainable development in the field of development co-operation, in financial institutions and in the EU. In addition, he has been a board member of and an advisor to several companies in the sphere of environmental technology and the circular economy.

He has held positions in the areas of co-operation, project funding, preparation and implementation of political decisions, and international relationships. Timo has also guided and advised companies in matters related to business activities and financing.

Timo’s expertise is at the disposal of Sitra as well as other public and private-sector organisations.

What else?

Timo spends his free time with his family, travels a great deal and keeps in touch with his wide international network of friends and co-operation partners. He also spends a lot of his time at his apartment in Spain.

Timo is convinced that, in the future, the economy, business activities and new jobs will be based on zero-carbon energy, more sustainable and efficient use of natural resources and different forms of growth that respect nature and the environment.

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