Wolfram Palitzsch

Chief technology officer (CTO), Loser Chemie GmbH

Dr. Wolfram Palitzsch has a colourful track record in the fields of writing and speaking.

Since 2000 he has worked as chief technology officer (CTO) at Loser Chemie GmbH. He published nearly 20 articles in peer-reviewed or refereed journals respectively books, and since 2007 he was speaker on more than 30 national and international conferences, e.g. USA, Korea, Japan, Italy, Belgium and France. He submitted 7 patents. In 2015 won the company the Saxon Environmental Award for his method of recycling PV scrap. 2016 winner of the IQ innovation award.

Wolfram Palitzsch is speaking at the following WCEF2018 sessions:

Tue 23 October at 11:00 : Showcasing Circular Business Solutions

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