Democracy Drinks

Democracy Drinks is an event for defenders and reformers of democracy to get together for discussions and inspiration.

What is it about?

Democracy Drinks is an event concept created by Defend Democracy to provide a low-threshold setting for defenders of democracy and others interested in the subject to come together for discussion, networking, brainstorming, planning and finding inspiration.

What do we do?

Finland’s first Democracy Drinks event was held at Sitra’s office on 15 September 2022, marking the International Day of Democracy. The idea is to make Democracy Drinks an ongoing series of events in Finland, and to build an active community of Finnish defenders and reformers of democracy around it. Members of the community can take turns to host networking events, each with their own unique twist. Sitra is co-ordinating and supporting the event concept’s introduction to Finland. The initiative for bringing the concept to Finland first came from Faktabaari.

Due to the rapid changes in our information environment, there is a need for capable people from different sectors of society to participate in defending and reforming democracy. We hope that the event will bring together people such as data professionals, digital specialists and democracy experts, to get them out of their silos and gathered around the same table. This network welcomes NGOs, public sector organisations and businesses alike.

Jukka Vahti, Project Director, Digital power and democracy project

How can I get involved?

Do you represent an organisation that seeks to defend and reform democracy? Would you like to join the network that organises Democracy Drinks events? Contact our project coordinator Joel Lindqvist. You can find more inspiration for hosting your own event by visiting the international Democracy Drinks website.

We will post information on upcoming Democracy Drinks events on this page and, as the date of each event approaches, also in our other channels. Faktabaari will organize the next Democracy Drinks on 5 October.

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