Green to Scale for countries  zoomed in on country-specific policy recommendations.


Green to Scale has been highlighting the potential of scaling up existing climate solutions. In 2015, the project looked at 17 solutions from five different sectors, both from the global North and South. In 2016, it focused on 15 Nordic solutions ranging from wind power to electric vehicles.

The previous phases have uncovered a vast emission reduction potential simply using solutions already proven to work and readily available. Moreover, scaling up these solutions would be affordable and provide significant benefits to people and the environment.

The response to the results has been enthusiastic, but there is a long way from highlighting a potential at a global scale to making the necessary changes to deploy the solutions in practice. That is why in 2018 Green to Scale zoomed in on selected countries, moving closer to implementation.

The Nordic Green to Scale for Countries analysed the potential of scaling up selected existing climate solutions in two regions:

  1. the Baltic countries, Poland and Ukraine; and
  2. Kenya and Ethiopia.

For both groups, ten different solutions applicable in that region were selected out of the ones included in the two previous studies.

The analysis covers the emission reduction potential, costs and savings as well as co-benefits of scaling up the selected solutions. In addition, the project looked at the country-specific circumstances for implementing the solutions, including providing policy recommendations tailored to the needs of each country.

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Results were released in the target countries and internationally in 2018.


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If you want to know more, please contact the project secretariat. We are also interested in exploring possibilities for co-operation.


The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra served as the project secretariat and CONCITO from Denmark, CICERO from Norway and University of Iceland were represented in the steering group. Nordic Council of Ministers has included Green to Scale in its Prime Ministers’ Initiative and kindly provided funding. The analysis was carried out by SEI Tallinn, supported by local experts such as SEI Africa.

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