Perspectives on the overall development of legislative processes training

Sitra in co-operation with the Finnish Institute of Public Management provides a training programme to support the overall development of legislative processes and knowledge-based management.

What is it about?

How to use data in different stages of legislative processes? How to strengthen skills in legislative processes and knowledge-based management? What new measures could we use to bolster public participation? These themes are explored by training programme entitled ‘Perspectives on the overall development of legislative processes’.

The training also provides information and tools on how to strengthen people’s participation and ideas on how a participatory approach can best provide support and speed up one’s own work. In the training, participants reflect on their own work, review the challenges and problems of the legislative process and share insights they have gained during their work.

The aim of the training is to increase the participants’ overall understanding of the different stages of the legislative process and improve skills related to process data, knowledge-based management and enabling participation. Representatives from organisations such as ministries, NGOS and Parliament examine legislative processes together.

The training is based on Sitra’s study on legislative processes, carried out in the Updating Democracy and Reforming the Decision-making Process projects.

What do we do?

The training consists of a two-day start-up session, intersessional work and a one-day final session. The programme includes expert presentations, viewpoints, problem-oriented bootcamp work, practical methodological exercises, intersessional work and a final day. Sitra will also spar participants from a data-management perspective.

The training covers, for example, the following questions:

What is it for?

The training is intended for people who work on legislative processes, such as legislators, politicians, Parliamentary committees officials and representatives of other stakeholders, such as NGOs. It is essential that experts from different organisations to work together on legislative processes.

Who is involved?

The pilot training, organised for the first time in autumn 2022, was developed and designed in by Sitra and the Finnish Institute of Public Management. Sitra also funds the training and provides the expertise of its specialists in the training programme.

Where are we now?

The three-day pilot training was held in the greater Helsinki area on 29–30 September and 28 October 2022. The dates for the next training course will be decided soon and information will be provided on the website of the Finnish Institute of Public Management.

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