Pilot projects: Using data to curb energy use

The use of data presents opportunities to develop new digital services that can accelerate energy savings and balance consumption peaks. Sitra launched a funding call for the development of products and services that use data sources to save energy. The call closed on 21 November 2022 and the first pilot projects have been launched.

Current projects

Boosting household energy savings through the Energiarenki service

Energiarenki is the personal energy consultant for households. The online service provides tailored suggestions for how to save energy in the home or summer cottage, based on the users’ own consumption data. Energiarenki provides information to support households in their energy saving measures, including guidance on how to time home heating. The service also offers tips for more extensive household energy upgrades, such as improving heat insulation or installing solar panels.

Project implemented by: Renki Softwares OyJuhani Rantaniemi
Pilot project: Energiarenki

Waste no energy – optimising ventilation efficiency in buildings

In this pilot project, the ventilation efficiency of buildings is optimised by ambient air sensors that measure such things as the carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and relative humidity of indoor air. The aim is to save up to 40% of a building’s annual energy consumption by optimising ventilation without compromising housing health. The energy optimisation is based on real-time data obtained through continuous measurement, using Finnish condition sensors in a new way as part of the entire building’s energy saving. The sensors are designed in Finland and assembled in Tampere.

Project implemented by: Loopshore OyKatri Färm
Pilot project: Loopshore Opti

Flexibility in energy use with a game-like mobile application

A game-like mobile app that encourages demand response and energy savings. The app allows consumers to monitor their own electricity consumption and steer their electricity use away from peak hours. Success in the game requires avoiding peak hours and completing different energy saving challenges. As a reward, consumers can receive benefits from energy companies or virtual awards which will help them progress in the game.

Project implemented by:Wapice OyJyrki Keskinen
Pilot project
: EcoReaction

Getting the most out of solar panels with AI

This pilot project will develop a mobile app for households to optimise the use of solar panels with data. Public data and household-specific MyData will be collected for the app. The collected data will allow the AI to predict the electricity production from solar panels more accurately, giving electricity companies advance information on the amount of energy to be fed to the local grid. Similarly, households using solar panels can optimise their own electricity production and consumption. The app also includes optimisation tools to help cut electricity bills and reduce hourly and daily energy use.

Project implemented by: Turun AmmattikorkeakouluDavid Oliva
Pilot project: eOPT – The energy optimization app for photovoltaic panels owners and other households

Energy savings by controlling a household’s smart devices

A service solution that controls smart home devices and encourages demand response, allowing households to monitor their own energy consumption. The aim of the pilot project is to reduce energy use during peak hours. Through this service, consumers can see in real time how their daily choices affect energy consumption and can achieve savings.

Project implemented by: Honkio OyPekka Honkonen
Pilot project: Virtapihi

Heat pumps as weather and energy price forecaster

This pilot project will develop the control system of heat pumps based on the electricity price forecasting. The control system will boost the heat pump’s energy use and steer consumption outside peak hours according to the electricity price.

Project implemented by: Kapacity.io Solutions OyJohanna Kalli
Pilot project: Kapacity.io

Demand response incentives for fixed-price electricity contracts

This pilot project will create a platform service for energy retailers to encourage customers with fixed-price electricity contracts to use demand response. The co-operation platform will encourage customers to save electricity, for example during periods of low electricity generation. The aim is to reduce the household electricity bills and the carbon footprint of electricity consumption, and to improve the profitability of the energy retailers by managing the purchase costs of electricity.

Project implemented by: MoeGreen OyJaakko Töyli
Pilot project: MoeGreen Energy co-operation platform

Smart home devices functioning according to the electricity price forecast

The pilot project will develop a device to control smart home devices and solar panels, which will allow a property’s own electricity production and purchase to be controlled at the cheapest and lowest carbon hours. The solution is based on open source software.

Project implemented by: Netgalleria OyOlli Rinne
Pilot project: Arska in the Box


The implementers of the current pilot projects are especially looking for pilot customers, but also for partners (installation partners, energy retailers) and investors. You can contact the implementers directly. Contact details can be found in the presentations.

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