Planetary health

Human well-being and the state of the environment are closely interdependent. The projects will raise awareness of planetary health, identify practical measures and spread good practices to different sectors in Finland and Europe.

What is it about?

We are currently pushing the limits of nature’s carrying capacity of the environment and undermining the conditions for future generations to live and thrive. Climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental pollution impair human health. The weakened carrying capacity of the environment is reflected in such things as nutrition and food, chronic diseases and disease resistance.

The concept of planetary health – One Health – is based on the idea of interdependence between human well-being and the state of the environment.

Finland can prosper by building a fair, sustainable and inspiring future that ensures people’s well-being within the limits of the Earth’s carrying capacity. For example, data can be used to identify major risk factors, make forecasts and models, monitor trends, identify new phenomena and seek solutions to problems.

Projects in progress

Introducing One Health

The project aims to spread the idea that there is strong link between human health and that of the environment. This holistic approach can be used to prevent health and environmental crises and, for example, to plan the collection, use and management of health data.

The project will arrange training for public authorities, decision-makers and researchers and produce a publication on One Health in a changing society. It will also strengthen co-operation and exchange of information between researchers, public authorities and other parties and spread good practices.

Project implemented by: One Health Finland ry, Minna Maunula, minna.maunula (at)

Legislative work and good practices in the EU and member states

The project will survey what concrete measures the European Commission and member states have planned or are preparing to take in order to promote planetary health.

The project will bring together operators in society to discuss the measures and good examples needed to implement planetary health at the EU level and in member state levels. The study will be completed in September 2023, when it will be also presented to EU decision-makers and experts in the field at an event in Brussels.

Project implemented by: European Policy Centre, Elizabeth Kuiper, E.Kuipera (at)

Where are we now?

The projects are already ongoing and are due to end in autumn 2023.

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