Cards of Hope

Game for imagining preferred futures


Cards of Hope invite you to imagine preferred futures. The players use the same materials to create alternative futures and score points. The funniest, most inspiring, wildest or strangest vision wins – everyone gets cards of hope in this game!

The idea of the game is simple: participants are given ‘cards of hope’ which they use to develop a vision of a better tomorrow. As the name suggests, the cards guide to thinking about good futures, which is not always easy.

The Cards of Hope game is for anyone interested in developing their ability to imagine different futures and in doing so practice thinking about the future. The game does not require any prior knowledge, particular educational level or expertise.

Please note: We can only send cards by post to Finland. International users can play with the digital version of the cards. If you want cards that you can hold in your hand, you can also print them (A4) and cut them out.

The photo includes an old typewriter with a screen displaying a card with the text cards of hope.

Check out the online version of the Cards of Hope – game. Anywhere, anytime!

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Cards of Hope


Game for imagining preferred futures

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86 cards + instructions

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