Published November 13, 2017

Knowledge in decision-making in Finland - Towards greater dialogue

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Senior Lead, Foresight and Strategy, Sitra
Eeva Hellström is a senior lead in strategy in Sitra's foresight operations. Behind these words, you can find someone who is both a thinker and a doer. In her hands, complicated content is creatively fused and individual ideas are shaped into effective concepts.

The interface between knowledge and decision-making is broken. Societal discussion surrounding this interface over the past few years reveals several disappointments and a frustrated atmosphere. The results from a survey Sitra conducted in the summer of 2017 reinforce this notion. Problems have been identified both in knowledge production and decision-making.

Resolving complex societal problems requires a more comprehensive perspective with a more dialogical approach and a broader perspective on what is considered as knowledge and expertise. Despite acknowledging the problems in the interface between knowledge and decision-making, no determined effort for improvement has been made. Why? Where are the greatest obstacles? What type of new thinking does achieving change require?

In the summer of 2017, we sent a knowledge in decision-making survey to those in Finland who work in the interface of knowledge and decision-making and are interested in the topic. This report presents the most important findings of the survey. In addition, we link them to a broader topical discussion and present our own interpretations.

The content of the survey is saved in the Finnish Social Science Data Archive ( for anyone to use. More detailed results and figures can be found on the Sitra website and on SlideShare. The data and results are published in Finnish.

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Knowledge in decision-making in Finland


Towards greater dialogue


Eeva Hellström and Hannu-Pekka Ikäheimo

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knowledge production, knowledge producers, experts, decision making, decision-makers, dialogue, society, change


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