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Creation of a fair data economy assessment tool is under way

The tool is intended to help companies develop their data use in a fairer way. The latest development version was completed in June 2021.


Katri Korhonen

Specialist, Competitiveness through data


The fair data economy self-assessment tool developed by Sitra helps companies clarify the shared view of the current state of data use and its desired state as well as assessing to what extent firms use data sustainably. The latest development version of the tool, along with its blueprint, was completed in May 2021 but development still continues.

The tool has six assessment dimensions: data architecture and technology; data management and capabilities; the organisation’s values, culture and competence; data-driven services; value creation and profit performance; and operating as part of an ecosystem. The key fair data economy factors – trust, transparency and ethical aspects – were embedded into the assessment tool’s questionnaires.

With the results and recommendations received from the assessment, companies can create a road map for fairer data use and can reform their operations.

The feedback received from companies and specialists has been taken into account in the new version. New questions have been added to the tool regarding aspects such as data minimalism (the goal of collecting less but more high-quality data), data strategy creation, data repository management, architecture that supports fair data use and a management model for data- sharing ecosystems.

The tool is dynamic and develops according to the operating environment. The current blueprint establishes the core, around which it will be possible to later build, for example, sector-specific criteria or a digital services label similar to the fair trade label, which people have expressed interest in. High-quality criteria that are capable of assessing a company’s data practices as extensively as required is the foundation for all further activities.

The first version of the maturity model was put together through collaboration between Sitra, several specialists and the analytics and research company Gartner in 2020. Joint development was continued with pioneering companies in spring 2021. The tool was evaluated by testing and piloting the development version and by working on the content in workshops with specialists.

The self-assessment tool for measuring the maturity of data- use practices is one of the fair data economy tools offered to companies by Sitra’s IHAN project, in addition to the business programme , the testbed and the rulebook. Tool development will continue as part of Sitra’s new Fair data economy theme.

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