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Weekly notes – blog series

Follow the thoughts of Sitra's research team in this series of blogs.


Research is at the core of Sitra’s work, along with its focus area activities, strategy, societal training and corporate investment. The research team provides research data and expertise that meet the needs of Sitra’s three theme areas and also carries out individual research projects within the confines of Sitra’s research budget. Our research team keeps the Weekly notes blog, which summarises current topics of discussion.

The entire blog series in English can be found on this page, with the latest blog entry at the top of the list.

The complete list of blogs in Finnish can be found here.

Blogs from 2016

Insights from Siberia
Second order science comes to the rescue in a complex world
Smarter than a smartphone
What do you do when you come across new information?
Singularity University students dare to think big
Is economic debate only for economists?
Japan’s vision of the future: supersmart society
Simultaneously reinventing the education of teachers and students
Expert panels – a way to have an impact

Blogs from 2015

Hello again! This is how I spent my time on a year’s sabbatical
Finland vs. the experimental society
Entropy, order and economic growth
The trials and tribulations of strategy
Moving boldly towards participatory foresight
From passive listeners to change makers Japan discovers innovative ecosystems
How to make social innovations fly
The Pope problematizes partisanship
Does anyone need a drifting Finland?
Delving into future trends – is there cause for optimism?
Do you have a plan B?
From crisis awareness to a positive outlook
Helsinki Design Lab comes to the U.S. State Department
How to deal with growing complexity and uncertainty
Buurtzorg shakes hierarchical organisations
What does the future hold for European welfare states?
Finland at a crossroads of inequality
Sustainability, well-being and the future of education
The problematic paradigms of a sustainable economy
Is our foresight work aimed at the right issues?
An evolving forest industry and a prosperous bioeconomy
Life in a global multiplex theatre
A dubious victory?
A hundred ideas for research
India is also powering the future of Asia
Is politics really all about visions?
Foresight co-operation for a better tomorrow
The seven think tanks striking while the iron is hot
The calm before the storm
What do decision-makers need?

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