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The insight and foresight Zoo

Each future development opens up pathways for a wide range of potential impacts. The template for examining the trend cards uses “the insight and foresight Zoo” and offers tools to understand change from many different perspectives.


Terhi Ylikoski

Specialist, Foresight

Sanna Rekola

Specialist, Foresight

Lilli Poussa

Specialist, Foresight


The trend cards can be used to stimulate and stretch your thinking, brainstorm new ideas and envision what the future could be. What kinds of different impacts could a single trend have? What is easy to miss or what might come as a surprise? This template for raising new perspectives provides a framework for exploring the possible developments and implications of a given, drawing on “the insight and foresight Zoo”. Familiar animal characters from the field of foresight, such as the black swan and elephant, are joined by new characters who invite us to consider the implications of a trend from unexpected angles. This way of working draws attention to impacts that might otherwise not be considered.  


The template can be used face-to-face or virtually. Choose one trend card that interests you and read it at your leisure. Put the trend card where everyone can see it and analyse the trend through the template questions. You can go through the sections in any order you like. Write down your observations in the text boxes on the template. If you are working in groups, share your findings with other groups at the end.  

Bear in mind that some impacts may be hard to anticipate – so an open mind and wild speculation are especially welcome in this template.  


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