Published April 10, 2019

Vision-builder’s checklist

With these eight questions, you can check that your vision is on a solid foundation and is easy to tell others about.
Author's profile page: Jenna Lähdemäki-Pekkinen
Specialist, Foresight, Sitra
Jenna Lähdemäki is a member of Sitra’s Foresight team, whose work involves the vision of sustainable well-being and the future of education. Jenna is kept busy especially by the book Learning at the Edge of History, which will be published in autumn 2017, and her work on Next Era, a vision launched by Sitra.

Vision-builder's checklist

Time: Take your time, do not rush.

Participants: The team that took part in drafting the vision.

Suitable for: Reviewing the different areas of your vision, reviewing the underlying assumptions and planning a communications policy.

Do the following

Review the checklist questions.

  1. Which megatrends are the most important to your organisation?
  2. What are the values underlying your vision?
  3. What weak signals did you identify?
  4. What does your vision look like from the points of view of a brake, bridge-builder and visionary?
  5. What kind of presumptions are there underlying your vision?
  6. Which existing solutions support the realisation of your vision?
  7. What is the target group for your vision? Who needs to hear about it?
  8. How would you explain your vision in a single sentence?

You can work on the questions above by adding the answers to this working template.


Once the vision has been described or written down and the questions above have been reviewed, your vision is complete! Organise a party or another event and tell your stakeholders about your vision. Next, it is the time to start planning how to proceed with changes promoting the vision in operations and projects.

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