Beyond WCEF2017: The European Union advancing a global circular economy

Beyond WCEF2017: The European Union advancing a global circular economy

The European Union can take advantage of its circular economy leadership to support the building of global security and resilience, as global use of natural resources already exceeds the carrying capacity of our planet. The circular economy offers an avenue to a new kind of economic growth while preserving our environment and natural resources.

With the EU action plan for the Circular Economy published in December 2015, the European Union aims to develop a sustainable, low carbon, resource efficient and competitive economy by transitioning towards a more circular economy. In a modern digital global economy where goods and services easily cross national borders, circularity must be embraced globally to achieve a sustainable future for our planet.

The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra invites you to a seminar discussing the opportunities and the future of circular economy, focusing on how to make the transition towards a circular economy not only across Europe, but across the planet, with actions based on scientific evidence.

The seminar builds on the World Circular Economy Forum 2017 (WCEF2017) held in Helsinki last June. The event, organised by Sitra and its international partners, gathered over 1,600 circular economy experts from almost 100 countries.





Opening words: Building a carbon neutral circular economy

Mari Pantsar, Director, Sitra


Key messages from the World Circular Economy Forum 2017

Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment of Finland, Chairman of the Circular Economy Steering Group of Finland

Keynote: EU’s circular economy strategy and international competitiveness

Jyrki Katainen, Vice President of the European Commission

Keynote: International co-operation for a global circular economy

Janez Potočnik, Co-Chair of UNEP International Resource Panel

Business insight: Business strategy for a future circular bioeconomy

Petri Vasara, Head of Biofutures, Pöyry plc

Panel discussion: The critical path for a global circular economy

Heidi Hautala, Member of the European Parliament
Ado Lõhmus, Deputy Secretary General of the Estonian Ministry of the Environment
Kestutis Sadauskas, Director for Circular Economy and Green Growth, European Commission

Panel discussion is moderated by Project Director Kari Herlevi, Circular Economy, Sitra


Research insights

Harri Kalimo, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for European Studies

Circular Economy: Definitions, business challenges and the way forward

Vasileios Rizos,
Research Fellow, CEPS


 Event closes

 Event is moderated by Director Mari Pantsar, Sitra



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