Health 2.0 Conference, California

Health 2.0 Conference, California

Sitra and Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) have arranged a conference and networking trip to California from 28 September to 6 October, which will include attending the Health 2.0 Fall Conference in Silicon Valley. The event will attract numerous experts and decision-makers in the health and well-being sector.

The conference is specifically aimed at companies whose business involves comprehensive healthcare solutions (mobile health, health IT, personalised health) and management of Bio-IT. The organisers of the trip expect the event to promote Finnish companies’ international business, sell Finland as an innovative platform for foreign companies and provide further opportunities for specialists in the sector to network.

The Health 2.0 conference (which runs 30 September–2 October) will feature, among other things, speeches in the field of self-care. Those attending will also have numerous opportunities to promote their products and services to customers and users. In addition to attending the conference itself, participants can also expect:

  • One-day free pitching before the trip
  • One-to-one meetings with key actors in California
  • The opportunity to present demos in connection with the Health 2.0 conference (organisers select participants and pay their costs for the Finnish Delegation Technology Presentation event)
  • Visits to interesting companies and organisations in California in the healthcare and well-being sector
  • Briefings on those involved in the Californian healthcare sector (Health IT in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley; and Health IT/Bio-IT in the San Diego area).

Full details on the trip’s itinerary and the planned events can be found below.

Preliminary program: (14 Aug, flights updated 18 June, Breakout/Deep Dive updated 26 June, some organisations and speakers to be confirmed)

Sat 28 Sep
Departure BA 795 Helsinki 7:55 – London
Arrival BA 285 at San Francisco 14:35, drive to Santa Clara, Hotel Hyatt

Sun 29 Sep
Breakfast at Hotel Hyatt
Get-together at the hotel, afternoon-evening

  • Introduction to the program of the conference week, Mirja Gröhn (15 minutes)
  • Round table session “San Francisco Health-IT Ecosystem” (60 minutes)
    • moderators: Pekka Kahri, Tekes and Antti Kivelä, Sitra
    • Michel Wendell, Nexit Ventures, Finland’s Honorary Consulate, San Francisco
    • Ari Tulla, BetterDoctor
    • Nelli Lähteenmäki, Health Puzzle
    • Jan Storgårds, Cursor, Games for health
  • Planning and discussions

Mon 30 Sep
8:30–13:00 Silicon Vikings (coordinator and moderator)

13:00–13:45 Lunch
14:00 Health 2.0 Conference  starts
Team Finland room (211–212) available for the meetings (8:00–17:00)

NOTE: Pitching/Demos with a selected group of Finnish startups and companies for the investors and the audience of the Conference (Deep Dive!)

Tue 1 Oct
Conference continues
Team Finland room available for the meetings (8:00–17:00)

10:15–11:00 Breakout demo session (Grand Ballroom C): Finnish Delegation Technology Presentation, Main stage Pitching/Demos with a selected group of Finnish startups and companies for the investors and the audience of the Conference

18:00-20:30 Meetup with Habit DesignTM developer community, Stanford Campus, Palo Alto (to be confirmed)

Meetups are informal gatherings of like-minded people interested in same topic. Today the theme is behavior change and habit design for health. Habit Design movement is focused exclusively on the Open Science research collaboration of sustainable behavior-change that lasts beyond 100 days. You have now a unique possibility to meet other like-minded health innovators from Silicon Valley.

This event brings you together with thought leaders and innovators in the area of designing lasting healthy habits.
Topics: 80 % of healthcare costs are behavioral. 50 % of our daily activities are habitual. Behavior issues play a major role in health. How do you form positive daily habits and routines? Willpower. Motivation. Quantified Self. Gamification. A consumer health product designer must take these behavioral issues into account when planning a new product or service. New consumer health products are pouring in the market on a weekly basis. How will things develop from here? Besides early adopters, is self-quantification reaching also people who have the biggest health risk ? If so, what has been the trigger / success factor for making that happen? What about behavior change? Do we have evidence that the health and activity gadgets really change behavior?

Join us in this event to hear it from the experts. In the show and tell part of the event also you can share what you are working on in the areas of Habit design / Quantified Self / Gamification.

This event is organized by the Habit DesignTM developer community in cooperation with Oulu Wellness Institute.

More information : or

Wed 2 Oct
Conference continues
Round table session “San Diego’s Health-IT / Bio-IT Ecosystem” (11:30–13:00 with Lunch)

Visit to Rocket Space / US Mac (15:00-17:00)

Conference to be closed (17:00)
Team Finland room available for the meetings (8:00–17:00)

Excursion to San Diego (overnight Wed–Fri), late night flight VX 964  19:55 – 21:25

Thu 3 Oct

1 San Diego

Informal breakfast at the hotel
Half-day workshop of Health IT (morning): Qualcomm Life incl. Qualcomm 2net and HealthyCircles platforms, Scripps Digital Medicine
Half-day workshop of Bio-IT (12-16) (pdf), organizers University of California, San Diego and Global CONNECT

2 Bay area

For those who will stay in San Francisco area:
visit to NASA Ames Research Center, Silicon Valley (morning) 
Kaiser Permanente/Garfield Innovation Center (afternoon).
Pitching event together with Dutch Consulate
Option: Flight to San Diego

Fri 4 Oct

1 San Diego
Life Technologies (Sequencing) ja Salk Institute (Biological Studies)
Possible visits to MD Revolution, Janssen Labs or West Health Institute 

Option: a private trip from San Diego to Tijuana, Mexico

2 Bay area
Free program

3 Los Angeles
Body Computing conference (tbc)

Sat 5 Oct
Free program
Departure for flight from San Diego (BA 272 20:25–14:45) to London and from London to Helsinki (BA 6034 18:05–23:00)

Sun 6 Oct
Arrival at Helsinki airport 23:00

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