Heräämö: Design as a tool for social change 

Heräämö: Design as a tool for social change 

Design is often promoted as an approach to navigate complex landscapes and to solve wicked problems. But what is the role of design in transforming businesses and societies towards sustainable futures?

  • August 24, 2023 at 8:30 am - 10:00 am
  • Sitra + YouTube
  • #Heräämö

Managing interconnected societal issues presents numerous challenges. Taking a human-centric approach is not always enough. Creating effective and sustainable solutions demands comprehensive collaboration, diverse perspectives as well as a comprehensive understanding of the social, cultural and economic factors underpinning these challenges.

Why is the capacity of creative practices and design underutilized for sustainability? How can we foster brave experiments that can seed and catalyze more desirable futures? These are some of the questions we will be discussing in Heräämö on August 24.

Our guest speaker Zeynep Falay von Flittner is an experienced design consultant, and entrepreneur, focusing on the role of creative practices in sustainability transitions. She is combining systems thinking, foresight, and human-centric design to develop new methods and approaches to support companies and networks to build new capabilities around sustainability transitions. She is the founder of Falay Transition Design Collective as well as Design Activists for Regenerative Futures. She is serving in the board of System Change Finland.

How can I participate?

Join us for an inspiring morning session in person at Sitra or watch the live stream in YouTube. Enrol here.

What is Heräämö?

Heräämö is a breakfast event series in which we create shared understanding of how we might tackle wicked problems with leading experts in the field. The Heräämö events are not just lectures but also contain interactive elements where you can network with other participants and share your own thoughts on the subject. The events are open to all who wish to broaden their horizons in relation to positive societal change and who want to network with others engaged with similar topics.

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