The HIMSS and Health 2.0 European Conference

The HIMSS and Health 2.0 European Conference

HIMSS and Health 2.0 will attract the world’s best digital healthcare innovations, companies, experts and decision-makers from the field to Helsinki.

More than 2,000 healthcare professionals and representatives of digital healthcare start-ups are expected to attend the HIMSS and Health 2.0 European Conference to be held in the Finnish capital in June.

The event will feature world-class speakers who will address the hottest topics in digital healthcare. Furthermore, the events will serve as a forum for charting future guidelines and trends. The common goal of the participants is to improve healthcare by means of information and technology. Click here for the event programme.

The main themes of the event will be:

  • Integrating health and social care
  • Homecare that enables living at home for the ageing population and those recovering from an illness or injury
  • Promoting a secure, ethical and actionable flow of data for the needs of prevention, population health management, personalised health and research
  • Beyond the AI hype: what can AI deliver today and what are we really ready for?
  • Opportunities for and challenges of open innovation

Pavilion Finland: Sitra will show how fair use of data generates well-being

Finnish health-sector companies will present themselves as an entity of their own in Pavilion Finland, an impressive display commanding a central position in the hall. It has already been enlarged once to accommodate the strong demand for stands.

On its pavilion stand, Sitra intends to demonstrate the journey from system-centred medical care to the human-oriented and individualised promotion of well-being. Sitra’s view is that when building the future of healthcare, systems need to be built with the help of not only high-quality data, but also fair data. The value of data reserves has already been identified and recognised by everyone, but this value will not be realised until the data can be made extensively available for use.

In healthcare, fair data means benefits for every party involved: individuals can manage their own data and consent to its use, and companies can combine data from several sources in real time.

In addition, public administration can increase the efficiency of its services, since an extensive co-operation network – a new kind of open ecosystem – enables the establishment of an overall picture of the currently fragmented health and well-being data of its customers. You can find more information on Sitra’s IHAN fair data project here.

Fair use of data builds trust, and it will also enable building an attractive health and well-being-sector research and development environment in Finland. Trust between various operators is an exceptionally good enabler of not only research ecosystems but also of innovative service development for health-sector companies.

In the future, real-time well-being data on customers combined with the regulated and trustworthy data owned by authorities will create new kinds of services. Sitra’s pilot projects on fair data have developed completely new solutions for enhancing well-being.

Come and learn about the journey from patient-centred healthcare to human-driven well-being!

Use this link to learn more about the HIMSS and Health 2.0 European Conference programme and to register for the event.

The event is supported by and organised in conjunction with a number of Finnish organisations, including: the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Sitra (The Finnish Innovation Fund), Business Finland, the City of Helsinki, the University of Helsinki, HUS Helsinki University Hospital, OuluHealth, Turku Science Park and Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre. As their common goal, the organisations involved strive to improve healthcare by means of information and technology.

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