New Data Economy Rainmakers: Where's My Money?

New Data Economy Rainmakers: Where's My Money?

Europe has the potential to become the leader of the new data economy. What's in it for you? Come and discover new, emerging opportunities for your business in our event on 6 June!

Image: Topias Dean, Sitra

The early adaptors from U.S. and China have benefited most from the business models of platform economy but the much-needed added value has not been generated in Europe because the masses of data are hidden in the silos of social media and retail super platforms. Naturally, we can purchase expensive data in fragments, but the true power lies where the consumer data is kept.

The new data economy is here –
and you are part of it!

The old platform economy is past outdated but with a completely new mindset we have a chance to pursue billions of data euros. If right to privacy, fairness between all stakeholders and mind-blowing mixing of data from different sectors are the key elements of our new business models, we in Finland and all over Europe have a chance to become the leaders of the next era of data economy.

We will uncover the emerging business models in our event and we will also give a sneak peek to the results of a data economy business survey we have conducted in Finland, France, Germany and the Netherlands. With this latest insight in your pocket you will understand where data economy is heading and discover the opportunities for your business.





Welcoming words

Tiina Härkönen, Leading Specialist, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra


The new data economy uncovered

Jaana Sinipuro, Project Director, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra


How to unlock the value of your company’s data: the first steps

Timo Seppälä, Chief Research Scientist, Research Institute of the Finnish Economy


Discussion: What’s stopping me from making money out of data?

Turo Pekari, Senior Advisor, Teosto
Teemu Malinen, CEO, Sofokus


How do companies see the data economy? A sneak peek on European business survey

Tiina Härkönen, Leading Specialist, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra


How to take the first steps? – “Renewary” and rulebook for new data economy

Jyrki Suokas, Senior Lead, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

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