IHAN technical workshop: Data transportation

IHAN technical workshop: Data transportation

We are calling you, expert in information systems, technical architecture, information security or other expertise related to data exchange, to join the crew!

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Data Transportation in the IHAN world

IHAN internal services and the core components concentrate on managing the process of enabling proper access to the data. The actual data transportation processes are located outside IHAN but need to be “remote controlled” from the IHAN process. This functionality is enabled with components described in the IHAN Blueprint – Data Access Control and the Data Adaptors.

This workshop focuses on three main areas

  • controlling the process from IHAN – is everything necessary described in the Blueprint?
  • how data from separate sources can and should be accessed – the world of API’s and data transfer
  • what are the challenges in combining heterogenous data from various sources – the world of semantics

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