New Data Economy Rainmakers @MyData 2019

New Data Economy Rainmakers @MyData 2019

Secret Roundtable for Investors and Start-Ups

Please note: The description of CoverUS, Inc., USA in the recording is not correct. It belongs to another startup called Lumoin Oy. The right description for CoverUS, Inc. is: “The CoverUS app enables people to harness the power of their personal data to earn money and save on healthcare costs, while protecting their privacy. We aim to improve the efficiency of a US healthcare system that wastes $1 Trillion annually, and help the more than 50% of Americans who skipped medical treatment last year because they couldn’t afford it.


Are you coming to MyData 2019 Conference? Do you have a business idea with strong mission and values? Are you worried what will happen to them once the investors step into the picture? Or do you just want to brush up your pitch and learn from the best?

Sitra’s IHAN project brings start-ups and investors together at MyData 2019 Conference. Join our event and you will find out how to pitch without sacrificing your idealism!

Four startups will hit the stage and pitch their ideas to three investors. These investors have years of experience in different business fields and are especially interested in sustainable ideas and solutions. If you want to know what makes the investors tick, this is your chance to find out. We warmly welcome your tricky questions at the end of the session!

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