Sneak peek: – your toolbox for fair data economy services

Sneak peek: – your toolbox for fair data economy services

Sitra is developing the world's first fair data economy platform. The will be your toolbox and playground for the future data economy in practice. We are offering you a sneak peek of the beta-version.

With our IHAN® project, we lay the foundation for a fair data economy, where successful digital services are based on trust and create value for everyone. The tools and demo applications for creating fair data economy services are now collected under platform for your one-stop shop to get onboard. Join our webinar to check out the first features and to get ready for some serious action taking place in autumn!

On the agenda

  • a brief dive into the fair data economy concept behind the testbed
  • an introduction to the toolbox for creating fair data economy services
  • the testbed, which is the first application of a reference architecture according to IHAN technical requirement specifications
  • showcasing the vision of a well-being app as the first concrete demo solution using the testbed
  • getting ready for more cool stuff in the autumn release: login and use of development environment, developer APIs, testing e.g. consent management and other elements, creating data products from any online API  and adding data sets for others to use + more

Join us to see the first version and to tune in for more features to come in autumn!

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