Sneak peek 2: - success stories from business pilots

Sneak peek 2: - success stories from business pilots

Sitra is developing the world's first fair data economy platform. In this second sneak peek, you will hear success stories of business pilots already operating on the testbed.

With our IHAN® project, we lay the foundation for a fair data economy, where successful digital services are based on trust and create value for everyone. The tools and demo applications for creating fair data economy services are collected under platform for your one-stop shop to get onboard. But how to hop on in practice?

In our second “Sneak peek” webinar we proudly present business pilots that are already operating on the IHAN testbed. Join us to learn why and how the Finnish Tax Administration and Finnish Patent and Registration office intend to speed up the process of setting up a company in Finland from abroad, and how the solution was successfully tested on the IHAN testbed.

You will also hear the latest news about the public release of testbed taking place in early 2021!

“The Proof of Concept by the Finnish Tax Administration aimed at modernising first steps on a customer journey when setting up a company in Finland. The digital environment and real-time data transfer enable remarkably faster, streamlined processes and new level of customer experience.”
– Miika Wires, Finnish Tax Administration

“Our focus is to make life simpler for companies; to promote the digitalisation, facilitate the movement of electronic documents and the day-to-day financial management.”
– Franck Mertens, Finnish Patent and Registration Office


Programme (in EEST)


14:00 Welcome & latest testbed news
Jaana Sinipuro, Project Director, Sitra
14:10 Proof of Concept: Fast track to Finland
Allow new companies to be born in Finland. Even speed it up. Digitally.
Miika Wires, Senior Advisor, the Finnish Tax Administration
Business’s digital economy
Franck Mertens, Project Director, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office
14:30 Trialing things out in practice – introduction and demo
Pirkka Frosti, CEO & Founder, Digital Living
Henna Suomi, Production Lead, Digital Living
14:50 Questions & answers
You are welcome to share your thoughts and comments
15:10 Next steps & opening of the testbed
Juhani Luoma-Kyyny, Senior Lead, Sitra
Pirkka Frosti, CEO & Founder, Digital Living
15:30 Thank you! 



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