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Enabling Circular Lifestyles and Consumer Solutions


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How can individuals move towards more circular lifestyles and how significant are the decisions of individuals in determining resource consumption and achieving a circular economy? This session drills into circular lifestyles and the roles of individuals and companies in the circular economy.

9:00 Opening: Yukari Takamura and Peter Woodward
How to make circular lifestyles desirable? see presentation
Markus Terho, Project Director, Resource-wise Citizen, Sitra
Creating a global marketplace where anyone can buy and sell see presentation
Fumiaki Koizumi, Chief Operating Officer, Mercari, Inc.
Towards more circular economy see presentation
Takayuki Kitajima, Representative Director & General Counsel, Unilever Japan Holdings KK
Our Journey to a World Without Waste see presentation
Titoy Francisco, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Technical, Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Limited
The Urgency and Challenge of 1.5-degree Lifestyles see presentation
Anu Mänty, Senior Lead, Sitra and Lewis Akenji, Director for Sustainable Consumption and Production, IGES
10:30 Session ends

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