Published April 10, 2019

News from the future

With the News from the future exercise, you can make the future more mundane with the help of news headlines. What will the newspapers say in 2048?
Author's profile page: Jenna Lähdemäki-Pekkinen
Specialist, Foresight, Sitra
Jenna Lähdemäki is a member of Sitra’s Foresight team, whose work involves the vision of sustainable well-being and the future of education. Jenna is kept busy especially by the book Learning at the Edge of History, which will be published in autumn 2017, and her work on Next Era, a vision launched by Sitra.

News from the future

Time: 15 minutes or more.

Participants: You can do this exercise alone, but it is more useful and fun in a group.

Suitable for: Applying future knowledge and views, making the future more mundane and challenging your own mindset. This exercise is suitable for children and adults alike.

Benefits: Defining your own thoughts about the future and challenging your own mindset.

If you are already familiar with weak signals and trend cards, it is time to begin to apply what you have learned and read, and to make the future more mundane with the help of news headlines. With the News from the future exercise, you can specifically define your own thoughts and assumptions underlying the views on the future. The exercise is suitable for situations in which team members want to learn more about the thoughts of each other or want to clarify their views on the future.

You will need:

Do the following

  1. Select two trend cards and read them. Think about what a world in which the things described in the cards are mundane would be like.
  2. Draft with a news article associated with the trend cards. A news story needs a striking headline and a short description of what happened. Draw a picture connected to the news or choose an existing picture.
  3. Take a photo of the News from the future frontpage you have created and share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Remember to use the hashtags #SeuraavaErä and #tulevaisuudensanomat.


In your own vision, you should consider what the state described by the vision will look in people’s day-to-day lives. The News from the future exercise provides you with resources for strengthening the review of day-to-day experiences in your vision-related work.

You can see News from the future created at Heureka’s Science Night on 2 February 2018 here.


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