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New online service accelerates the development of fair digital services

Sitra has assembled a practical toolkit for building services in line with the fair data economy. The first version was released on on 11 June 2020. The development of digital services is more efficient when all the relevant guidelines and standards are available in one place.


Kirsi Suomalainen

Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs


The practical tools required to build services for the fair data economy Data economy An area of the economy where the collection and use of data are a key part of activities. Open term page Data economy
and example applications have been released on the website, which supports service development on the one-stop-shop principle. In the autumn, an experimental platform will be added to the site, providing tools for developing and testing services in line with the fair data economy. The website and experimental platform will be opened to the public in phases.

In the initial phase, the website provides a selection of basic fair data economy tools, such as a rulebook, requirement specifications and a glossary. The most important requirement specifications – consent management, identity management and logging – have already been packaged into a preliminary standard approved by the European CEN standardisation body. The demo well-being application provides developers with a good example of a fair data economy service.

Towards the end of the year, the website will expand: service developers will be able to log in to the development environment and use the experimental platform to try building real fair data economy services from ready-made technical components and import their own data onto the platform for others to use in service development.

“The experimental platform is the first comprehensive implementation of a reference architecture that meets the IHAN requirement specification,” says Juhani Luoma-Kyyny, Senior Lead at Sitra. “In the autumn, the SMEs in Sitra’s IHAN company programme will be able to utilise the platform to experiment with new services.”

The long-term objective for the experimental platform is to support the creation of new internet standards for data productisation, portability and compatibility, and to accelerate the development of global data markets.

The experimental platform is being realised as part of Sitra’s IHAN project, which is building a model for the fair data economy in Europe. The model of a fair data economy combines human orientation, trust and the principles of sustainable development. The digital services that will succeed in the fair data economy’s data market will be based on trust and will generate added value for everyone.

Digital Living has implemented the website jointly with Sitra. HiQ, Digital Living, Nixu and Vastuu Group are building the components for the fair data economy experimental platform. Several practical tools, such as requirement specifications and a rulebook, have been created by Sitra’s projects through wide-ranging co-operation between experts in the field.

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