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New rulebook to guide the development of fair data economy services

The updated version of the Rulebook for a Fair Data Economy offers a framework for the safe and transparent sharing of data, as well as tools and agreement templates to help build data networks. The rulebook can be downloaded in Finnish and English from Sitra’s website.


Kirsi Suomalainen

Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs


The Rulebook for a Fair Data Economy (version 1.1) describes the legal, business, technical and administrative principles to be followed by organisations when sharing data in a data network. It pays special attention to the ethical principles and requirements related to data protection and the privacy of individuals.

The publication consists of agreement templates, a range of control questions, a draft Code of Conduct and other tools that allow anyone preparing a data network rulebook to better account for any special requirements for this new model of co-operation.

The new version includes small changes, such as a revision of the agreement templates and clarification of the guidelines. The most significant improvement is a Finnish version of the rulebook with agreement templates, which supplements the fair data economy toolkit written in English.

“The rulebook makes it easier to develop digital services in accordance with the principles of a fair data economy,” says Jyrki Suokas, Senior Lead at Sitra. “It will be further developed based on feedback received from IHAN business programme participants and users of the testbed.”

The rulebook was produced as part of Sitra’s IHAN project focused on the fair data economy. It can be used as a practical tool for pioneering companies that are developing their business using data and creating new products and services that are in line with the principles of a fair data economy.

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