Change Game

Change Game is a co-developed visual facilitation method that helps teams to discuss and create a shared understanding of change.

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Image: Saara Saarinen and Topias Dean, Sitra

Change Game

In autumn 2021, Sitra launched a co-development process.

“Training alumni“, i.e. societal influencers and trailblazers from different sectors of society who had taken part in prior Sitra training were invited to take part in the process.

The team was tasked with considering what capacity for change is and co-developing a capacity for change “roadmap” for use by different parties.

A total of 74 alumni accepted the invitation.

The purpose of the “roadmap” was to help in identifying the different components of societal capacity for change and different roles in change as well as to outline capacity for change. Another identified need was a tool or method suitable for all users to support change discussion in working communities and other group situations.

Change Game is for creating a shared understanding and situational picture

Underlying Change Game is the idea that we can influence change together, and no one makes a change alone. The attitude towards change and shared understanding of it also influence the direction and outcome of the change. Change Game develops individuals’ and group’s understanding of the factors that influence change and thereby also develops capacity for change.

Target Group

The Change Game is it intended for:

Need for use

The game helps to create a shared situational picture and build a shared understanding, discuss the change in a constructive way and consider the associated emotions and different points of view.

The game helps to discuss the change in a constructive way from different points of view and identify the dimensions of change for which there is no shared understanding yet. The game also helps to articulate the emotions and thoughts associated with the change. After playing the game, it is easier for the team to go to the level of action in the change.

The “roadmap” ultimately resulted in Change Game.

Game instructions

The game is for 3–6 players and a facilitator. The game can also be played without a facilitator, if the players so decide. In addition, the game includes a set of cards for each player and a board.

The time spent for a game varies depending on the subject of the change and how deep into the dimensions of the change the players want to go. You should reserve approximately an hour for reviewing all dimensions.

The group decides the topic of the change in advance (for example, a housing company’s renovation, organisational change, mitigating biodiversity loss with renewable energy sources).

There are no right or wrong answers in the Change Game, nor are there winners or losers. If they wish, the players may, however, decide before the game that the winner will be the player who succeeded in inspiring new points of view or thinking among the other players or, for example, constructively discusses the change.

Game instructions (printable PDF, 504 KB)

Facilitation instructions

Start the game by reviewing the ground rules for a constructive discussion:

  1. Listen to the others – do not interrupt or start additional discussions.
  2. Join others’ talks and use colloquial language.
  3. Talk about your own experiences and thoughts.
  4. Be present and respect others, others’ views and the atmosphere of trust.
  5. Work on the emerging conflicts boldly and look for what remains hidden.

Facilitation materials

You can print the enclosed materials for assistance in facilitation.

Facilitation instructions (PDF 45 KB)
Notes template (PDF 34 KB)
Synthesis template (PDF 1,55 MB)

Auxiliary questions for the facilitator for the different dimensions of change

At the end of the game

Questions to support the summary discussion

Digital Game

Change Game also has a digital version on the Miro co-operation platform. We have prepared ready-made game templates on Miro (in Finnish) for you to copy and use in your own Miro team.

These templates are currently in Finnish, but we are preparing them in English.


This is the first version of Change Game, so we would be happy to hear feedback, user experiences and development proposals. It would be great if you could spend a moment giving feedback after the game using the link at the top of the page.

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Order the game

We also have a few printed games (in English) aside, if you should be interested. You can order a printed version of Change Game for free when:

Please contact Ms. Saara Saarinen for further inquiries.

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