Competitiveness of Finnish health sector – towards vision 2030

Competitiveness of Finnish health sector – towards vision 2030

Sitra is facilitating a process to co-create a Vision 2030 addressing Finland’s goals to be an international forerunner in research and innovation in the health sector, attracting investments, while benefiting people’s health, well-being, and capacity to act. Two identical online workshops will be organised to engage with experts from across the Finnish health ecosystem to explore trends and opportunities in the sector.

  • November 14, 2022 at 1:00 pm - November 15, 2022 at 3:30 pm
  • Online events: Teams
  • #healthdata

Sitra’s recent working paper (in Finnish) concluded five recommendations to ensure the advancement of the national Health Sector Growth Strategy for Research and Innovation roadmap. The paper identified the short-term strategic outlook and the lack of a shared vision of the future as our main near-term challenges. The will of the strategy still rests in its original, drawn up in 2014, fairly unfocused vision although the operating environment of the health sector has significantly changed due to digitisation and the increasing importance of health data.

Sitra is now working on the identified shortfall by drawing up a vision of the growth and competitiveness of the health sector that extends to 2030, together with health sector stakeholders. The purpose is to clarify our common vision; what we aim for in terms of the growth and competitiveness of the health sector in the year 2030. The vision could serve as our guide for measures in the coming years.

Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS), commissioned by Sitra, is facilitating the co-creation process towards the vision. CIFS will be drawing insights from interviews and four workshops, two online, and two onsite, with Finnish stakeholders to answer the question: Where does Finland wish to stand in 2030 in terms of the competitiveness of the health sector? The workshops will be carried out in November and the language of the workshops is English.

Two identical online workshops will be organised

The aim of the workshop is two-fold: 

  • to understand trends, directions, pain points and bottlenecks 
  • to identify opportunities towards 2030 and explore Finland’s unique offering on a global scale. 

The workshop will be organised twice with the same content: 

  • Monday, 14 November at 13.00-15.30 EET 
  • Tuesday, 15 November at 13.00-15.30 EET

Please choose the date convenient for you when registering. 

The workshop is a part of Sitra’s health ecosystem workshop series. It is aimed at decision-makers, researchers, companies, funders, public authorities, public entities, NGOs and other ecosystem actors in health sector, as well as others interested in the topic. 

Using futures studies methodologies and tools, CIFS will facilitate a creative process. Participants will engage in different activities and imagine the future of the Finnish health sector together. Using exploratory and an outside-in perspective, the workshop activities will result in a comprehensive prioritisation of the opportunity space in the Finnish health sector.  


13.00 EET
Why do we need a new vision 2030?
Petri Lehto, Leading specialist, Health data 2030, Sitra
Perspective of future health
Bogi Eliasen, Director of Health, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
Aim of the workshop and method of working
Manya Lind, Project Manager, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
Workshop part 1: Current trends & directions in the Finnish health sector
Workshop part 2: Towards 2030: Opportunities in the Finnish health sector & identifying Finland’s unique offering
Summary, feedback, and next steps
Workshop ends

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