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Experiment the opportunities of Web 3.0 – our call for funding is now open

Sitra wants to develop the Web 3.0 of the future by means of practical experiments. For the Sitra Lab programme that will start this coming autumn, we are looking for participants who have the enthusiasm – and the ability – to drive the decentralised internet in a sustainable direction.


Lea Kurki

Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs


The development of the internet is moving on to the next stage, Web 3.0.

Whereas Web 2.0 has been characterised by centralised platforms and data management, Web 3.0 technologies are focused on decentralised platforms, virtual ownership and managing data in blockchains.

Earlier this year, Sitra published a report on legislation concerning the Web 3.0 industry and produced a series of articles focusing on the Web 3.0 phenomenon from the sustainability perspective.

To build a better understanding of the opportunities presented by Web 3.0, we need more practical experiments, learning and future applications. Experiments also enhance co-operation between various parties in the Web 3.0 industry.

Helena Mustikainen is in charge of Web 3.0 projects at Sitra. She hopes that the participants in the call for funding will represent diverse and possibly even surprising teams and organisations:

“Many of the people and organisations that will be the most affected by Web 3.0 in the future do not yet have a clear picture of their role in its development. That is why it is important to create visibility for various areas of application by means of experiments.”

The Sitra Lab programme provides opportunities for experimenting in various areas of application for Web 3.0. The topics of previous Sitra Lab experiments have included, for example, solutions to the challenges posed by urbanisation, democracy, and preventing inequality among young people.

“To find the most innovative solutions to challenges, Sitra Lab brings together teams from different sectors. This time around, we are looking for teams that have practical ideas on the future applications of Web 3.0,” says Kirsi Hanhisalo, Team Lead for Sitra Lab.

Lessons learned, applications and experiments drive development forward

As a stage of development for the internet, Web 3.0 involves not only excitement and opportunities but also concerns and risks. To take advantage of the best aspects of its development and simultaneously prepare for potential problems, there is a need to carry out experiments, gain knowledge and learn valuable lessons.

Accelerating the development of the Web 3.0 industry is in Finland’s best interest. A decentralised Internet can be fairer than the current one. With it, we have the opportunity to build a human-driven, fair data economy and a sustainable future.

To respond to the challenges that Web 3.0 involves, we are looking for visionary developers to determine its future and be among the first to overcome the obstacles.

Apply now

Are you working on a project that has a missing piece that you would like to focus on? Or could Sitra Lab 3.0 lead to an entirely new type of Web 3.0 innovation?

What kinds of experiments or perspectives should be used to seize the opportunities presented by Web 3.0?

The deadline for applications is 31 May.

Please visit the application page (in Finnish) for more information on the application criteria and instructions on how to apply.

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