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Networking opportunities

There will be plenty of opportunities for networking during the WCEF2019. As a new feature we will be introducing open discussions for small groups. The WCEF2019 mobile application can also be used to set up one-to-one meetings.


This year, the World Circular Economy Forum will be offering plenty of opportunities for networking, with some new features to spice things upYou can take part in open discussions around the campfire, set up one-to-one meetings, and meet up with other participants at the Expo Area. 

Campfire discussions – a new way to gain insights

As a new feature, we will introduce the “Campfire discussion area” in front of Helsinki Hall in the lobby of the main event floor. This area is reserved for open discussions in small groups of up to 10 people, with three to four discussions going on simultaneously, side by side 

Anyone participating in the forum can organise open discussions on circular economy themes at the forumEach of these sessions will last 45 minutes and offer the chance to dive into conversation with other participants around the campfire.  

Registration for the group discussions can be done through the WCEF2019 mobile application, which can be downloaded hereGo to Campfire discussions” and register for your chosen session.

There will be a helpdesk located in front of the discussion area. During the forum, you can also go and check the availability of places or available time slots for a discussion. 

Organise a campfire discussion

If you want to organise a discussion, here’s what to do: Send your topic description and contact details via email to WCEF2019@factornova.com. You will receive a confirmation and a time slot for your discussion as a reply. Your discussion will be shown on the WCEF2019 app under Campfire discussions and participants can join in through the mobile app


Monday 3 June

Enabling 1.5⁰C lifestyles with the circular economy

Time: 14.30-16.00
Facilitator: Emma Hietaniemi, Sitra

Global security and the circular economy

Time: 16.30 –18.00 
Facilitators: Eeva HellströmSitra 

Tuesday 4 June 

Trade deals in the circular economy

Time: 11.00-12.30
Facilitators: Outi HaanperäSitra 

Artificial intelligence in the circular economy 

Time: 14.00-15.30
Facilitators: Heikki SorasahiSitra 

Green investments and green financial instruments to finance circular economy projects

Time: 10.1511.00
Facilitators: Adrian Braun, Arctic Values

Using the Circular Economy to Attract International Tourists

Time: 12.3013.15
Facilitators: Monyq San Tropez, La Trobe University

What scaleable and replicable solutions and policies are required for the circular transformation of the ICT industry by 2030

Time: 12.3013.15
Facilitators: Johanna Tilkanen, Bioregional / Transform Together

Public-Private Partnerships for the Circular Economy

Time: 13.1514.00
Facilitators: Frank Walter, P4G at WRI

Sharing economy put into practice for organizations and businesses

Time: 13.1514.00
Facilitators: Lieke Van Kerkhoven, FLOOW2 Healthcare

Lakeside chats organise one-to-one meetings

One-to-one meetings can be set up during the forum through the WCEF2019 mobile application by using Brella. There will be a set of tables reserved for these meetings on the third floor of Finlandia Hall. If you already have the Brella app, you can also go to the WCEF2019 event and join.

And don’t forget to make use of all the other opportunities to meet up and mingle with other participants during lunch breaks, at the evening reception, at the Expo Area and at the Smart & Clean pool party.

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