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Megatrends 2023 now also in English and Swedish

To meet demand, all the Megatrends 2023 materials are now available in English and Swedish.


Anna Solovjew-Wartiovaara

Senior Lead, Communications and Public Affairs


At the beginning of the year, we published the results of our megatrends work: the report Megatrends 2023 – Understanding an era of surprises, the Megatrend cards, digital cards and a range of other tools for using the megatrends. The materials in Finnish have been very popular and there have also been requests for versions in other languages. Now the translated versions are finally available.

“There seems to be great demand for English-language materials. We have received enquiries from teachers who need the materials for their non-Finnish-speaking students and from international companies operating in Finland. Although we have interpreted the trends from the perspective of Finnish society, our approach seems to be of interest internationally, even in the European Commission’s strategic foresight team,” says Mikko Dufva foresight specialist at Sitra.

Sitra’s megatrend report highlights broad arcs of development from Finland’s perspective. This is not a list of trends, but an overall picture of the trends and opportunities affecting our future.

“A wide range of trend lists are available around the world, but there are fewer overviews that present an overall picture of change. In addition, their perspective is often industry-specific, meaning that trend reports are often tailored to serve a specific target group,” says Dufva.

What can the materials be used for?

Megatrends cannot predict the future, but they can bring insight in an era of surprises. Looking at megatrends is useful for everyone, because the future belongs to us all.

The big picture of trends can be used as a tool and basis for discussion when looking at changes in the world, for example when making decisions, supporting learning, working on strategy or even framing a news story.

The Megatrends 2023 report helps to get a complete picture of current changes and future opportunities. It looks at megatrends through the Futures Triangle developed by the futurist Sohail Inayatullah.

The Megatrend cards stimulate reflection and discussion about the future. They can be used to stretch your thinking, brainstorm new ideas and envision what the future could look like – either alone or in groups. You can order physical cards or use digital ones.

The Megatrend templates make it easier to use megatrends. The ‘Getting to grips with a trend’ template, for instance, helps you to analyse the trends from the viewpoint of your own organisation or topic. The ‘Zoo of foresight and insight’ template encourages you to identify surprises and broaden your perspective.

The Megatrends 2023 video presents the key points of the report in an easy-to-consume format. The video, which lasts about 20 minutes, uses the Futures Triangle to explore megatrends and provide tips on future-oriented thinking.

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Digging deeper in megatrends in May

On May 23rd, we will hold an online event The role of megatrend analysis in the era of surprises in English, especially for those who work in the field of foresight. In addition to Sitra’s Megatrends 2023 report, the aim is to consider the role of megatrend reports and lists in what futurists call a postnormal era. In postnormal times complexity, surprises, conflicts and even chaos become more common.

“Postnormal times challenge the idea of viewing the future as a continuum of the present. As uncertainty grows, forecasts and projections increasingly miss the mark. Megatrends are therefore useful generalisations that support future-oriented thinking and help us see what has already changed and what is changing right now,” says Dufva.


You can find all the materials here:

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