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Sitra’s workshops create a basis for a fair data economy

The model of a new data economy needs to be built on a reliable technical foundation. The technical development community at Sitra’s IHAN project has been pressing ahead with its work on creating a blueprint for this technical foundation. In due course, the results of the work will standardise technical blueprints across Europe.


Kirsi Suomalainen

Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs


The search for technical pilots that began in 2018 produced a large number of new initiatives that help demonstrate the transportability of data and a new kind of a fair data economy that is firmly based on user activity.

To ensure the technical compatibility between the output of the pilots and the future services of the data economy, Sitra organised four technical workshops. Each workshop had its own theme: identity management, consent management, distributed log and data transportation. Dozens of leading specialists from Finland and abroad have participated in the IHAN project workshops.

The workshops were more than just one-day meetings; each workshop led to the creation of a further work project.

“Each work project produces technical specifications according to its theme. Based on the results from last year’s specification work, we will update the Blueprint that we published last year,” explains Senior Lead Markus Kalliola from Sitra. “The most important parts of the specifications will be compiled as an official CWA document (CEN Workshop Agreement) of the European standardization agency CEN-CENELEC and published as a CEN publication. This makes it possible to use the technical specifications in a wide range of European initiatives and approve them for EU-funded initiatives.”

“IHAN workshops have been both practical and insightful for our technical specialists. I am personally chairing one workstream and looking forward to the outcomes of the work,” says Data Scientist Črt Ahlin from Datafund.

The content of the technical specifications will eventually end up in the hands of the specialists who implement data-economy services and wrestle with technical compatibility issues on a daily basis.

“It’s important that the specification work is carried out by the external experts who participated in the workshops,” Kalliola says. “We at Sitra support the work, offer backup and co-ordinate the big picture. I believe that with co-operation, this important work will be of the highest quality. Sitra’s IHAN team wants to extend a big thank you to everyone who participated in the workshops.”

Are you interested in writing technical specifications? Join us!

Join one or several of our numerous working groups. There is still room in the four ongoing, themed writing groups. Contact Markus Kalliola by email.

The writing of the Services theme begins with an initial workshop in September. We invite you to sign up!


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