International comparisons of decision-making processes

Sitra produces international benchmarking data on decision-making processes and related issues. The goal is to make Finnish decision-making more transparent, approachable and easier to follow.

What is it all about?

The purpose of international benchmarking is to produce comparative data on practices and tools that may be useful for Finland and which can help in developing a more participatory and transparent legislative process.

What do we do?

Sitra has produced three major international comparisons:

  1. The report Tools for public participation from around the world (in Finnish).

    The report is an international comparison of digital services that increase transparency and participation in legislative processes. The study compared the tools of the Finnish Parliament and government concerning the transparency of the legislative process with those of five countries: France, Canada, Brazil, Chile and Israel. The report was published at a launch event held at Parliament on 15 June 2022. The results are presented more fully in the report Public participation in the legislative process – results of an international comparison (in Finnish)
  2. The report Approaches to public participation in Nordic countries (in Finnish).

    The aim of the report was to provide comparative data the locations of public participation in the Nordic countries. The report examines how the public can participate at different stages of the legislative process, what venues are available for public participation and where people can find information on opportunities and processes for participation and influencing.
  3. The report Role of Parliamentary Groups and Parties in the Nordic Countries.

    The report produced information about the relationships between Nordic parliaments, parliamentary groups and political parties as well as their roles and the services they provide. Its aim was to increase understanding of the systemic factors that produce different practices in the different systems. The launch of the report took place in Parliament on 23 March 2022.

Who participates?

The work is carried out in close co-operation with Parliament, the government, researchers, experts and other stakeholders, both in Finland and internationally.

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