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Globe League finalists’ ideas encourage Finnish people to be environmentally friendly in their daily life

The Globe League finalists are testing new ways of inspiring Finnish people to live a sustainable everyday life. From ideas created by NGOs, Sitra chose the 10 best to participate in a development programme that launches in September. The finalists will each receive a grant of 10,000 euros and support for developing their solution.



The aim of the Globe League is to develop new and innovative solutions, events or services that make a sustainable everyday life easy and attractive to Finnish people.

“Almost 70% of all greenhouse gas emissions are generated by choices made by consumers: the way we live, travel and eat and what we buy. Our ordinary daily choices also allow us to considerably reduce emissions. NGOs play a key role in inspiring citizens and bringing about societal changes,” says Sitra’s speacialist Sari Laine.

The ideas selected for the Globe League encourage Finnish people to make many different sustainable everyday choices: to vote for environmentally aware decision-makers, to consume moderately, to try different forms of adventure tourism instead of flying, and to visit nearby areas. For example, the ideas take the form of variouscampaign ideas, mobile applications and adventure days.

“It was wonderful to see that there were so many new approaches to climate change and a sustainable everyday life. The ideas selected for the development programme take action and are boldly experimental. I look forward to seeing how the solutions develop during the Globe League,” says Sitra’s specialist Riina Pulkkinen.

The selection process focused especially on solutions that are bound to people’s everyday life, inspire as many people as possible and provide some kind of new and fresh point of view for reducing carbon footprints.

The Globe League received 66 applications from across Finland and 10 solutions were chosen for the development programme launching in September. In addition to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, there are finalists also from Jyväskylä, Oulu and Soini.

In the Globe League, the organisations will implement and test their idea with a target group towards the end of the year. The solution should encourage people to make sustainable everyday choices that reduce carbon footprints and save natural resources.

The teams selected for the development programme receive 10,000 euros to test and implement their idea. At the end of the programme in February 2019, the team that has managed to take its solution furthest will receive 20,000 euros for further development. In the development programme, the teams will also learn more about service design, effectiveness, marketing, communication and a resource-wise everyday life.

“The future is built together. A community spirit is at the heart of resource wisdom and sustainable everyday life. Through NGOs, it is possible to inspire a large number of Finnish people to make sustainable choices,” says Sari Laine.

Globe League finalists

  1. Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry: The Lempivaatteeni (My favourite garment) campaign inspires consumers to talk about their favourite clothes and wear them proudly instead of buying new clothes.
  2. Football Club Hercules ry: The Lähirähinä (Neighbourhood games) ambassadors reduce the emissions caused by sports and physical activity by encouraging people to use the sports facilities in their neighbourhood.
  3. Jyväskylä Contemporary Theatre Association ry: The “Miltä nyt tuntuu?” campaign (“What does it feel like now?”) on social media offers a new approach to the discussion on climate change through sensory experiences and humour.
  4. Friends of the Earth Finland: The Climate Hero Father Christmas communication campaign highlights climate change as a theme in the parliamentary elections and raises people’s awareness of the importance of political decision-making before the elections.
  5. MLL Laajasalo and Reason ry: The Toy Doctor concept provides education on reasonable consumption for children and their educators.
  6. Nuoren Voiman Liitto ry: The LitAdvisor website inspires people to choose the communal experience of travelling by reading instead of travelling by air.
  7. Save Pond Hockey ry: A climate adventure day during which the participants play pond hockey on natural ice and children and parents are encouraged to carry out climate actions together.
  8. Soini 4-H club: A consumer-oriented reward and motivation system for the recycling of plastic.
  9. Winter Cycling Federation ry: An operating model that encourages municipal decision-makers to ride their bikes in winter and gathers their experiences together into a documentary film.
  10. Yhteys ry: The IIDA mobile application for voluntary work provides an easy route from climate anxiety towards concrete actions.

More information on the development programme is available on the Globe League website.

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