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Elina Kiiski Kataja


+358 (294) 618 275


Elina Kiiski Kataja is an expert on the future at Sitra. Her job involves tracking the important developments that are already taking place in society and that might play a major role in our future. Her work includes exploring the future opportunities, threats and solutions related to these developments.


Elina is the person to contact if you would like to know about megatrends or participate in the events of the National Foresight Network. In addition to future-oriented work, Elina has worked in societal training and communications and has also gathered experience of EU competence and international co-operation. She has a Master’s degree in political sciences.

What else?

In addition to the future, Elina is interested in the past. She has an interest in historical photographs and stories of past events told by people in their own words, although there never seems to be enough time for pursuing the hobby.

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