Health Tuesday: Human-driven data economy – new business opportunities

Health Tuesday: Human-driven data economy – new business opportunities

What is a human-driven data economy and how should we do it? Welcome to hear and learn about a new project starting in Sitra this spring.

Data will become a renewable natural resource that benefits everyone once the information gathered by platform companies is recycled and brought under human control under the principles of fair exchange of information. The IHAN project aims to create an international protocol that gives people control over how and what their data is being used for. Come and be a part of creating a human-driven data economy.


8.00 – 8.05 Welcome / Business Finland (Kari Kataja)

8.05 – 8.15 IHAN – Why do we need it? (Antti Kivelä)

8.15 – 8.30 What makes IHAN unique – technological aspects (Antti Larsio)

8.30 – 8.45 How to get involved – short view to the future (Jaana Sinipuro)

8.45 – 9.30 Networking

Business Finland’s Bits of Health program offers channels and financing for developing healthcare need-driven solutions, and for cooperation between companies and hospitals.

The aim of the program has been to turn Finland into a significant digital health hub where internationally successful companies are born and can develop. Launched by Business Finland, the program will run until the end of 2018.

This is a series of networking events addressing topical health and wellbeing themes, usually organised on the first Tuesday of each month, which also includes a webcast.

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You can also take part remotely by Business Finland’s webcast.


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