Mikael Seppälä

Specialist, Sitra Lab, Sitra


Mikael Seppälä works in Sitra Lab as the community specialist with networks seek to tackle wicked problems, particularly the social inequality among children and young people.

Society is not just “out there” but it’s (re)created by people. If we want to promote positive societal change, bringing people together and enabling shared action are some of the keys to success. Social technologies and media offer new opportunities to expand participation.


Mikael’s background is in working with associations and different types of networks, in which he has brought people together around issues related to the social sciences, social innovation, systems change, human-centric data and the future of work .

Mikael is an adaptive generalist who is interested in practical applications of systems thinking, complexity science and network theory. These approaches contain the seeds of tackling wicked problems at broader scales than what we’re used to.

What else?

In his spare time, Mikael challenges himself to sustain good daily routines using his step counter and pores over NHL results and statistics. In addition to this, he actively widens his horizons on social media by practicing networked learning.

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