Katri Vataja

Director, Foresight, Insight and Strategy, Sitra


Katri is responsible for impact assessment and the facilitation of strategy processes at Sitra. Her task is to ensure that high-quality information is obtained through assessments to support strategic management, the development of operations and the promotion of sustainable well-being.


Katri has some 15 years’ experience in the development of work communities and organisations, strategy work, research and assessment. She is a sociologist by education and defended her doctoral dissertation in administrative sciences on the themes of development and assessment.

Katri is the person to contact if you have questions concerning impact assessment, strategy and the development of organisations.

What else?

Katri likes to spend her free time doing sports and outdoor activities with her family and friends. It is very easy to tempt her to join different stunts and events, especially if they involve physical activity, culture or nice food in good company.

Katri believes that, to be successful in the working life of the future, we need a culture that increasingly encourages open-minded co-operation and the learning of new things.