Junction 2017

Junction 2017

Junction is a global converging point for thousands of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from around the world. Check Sitra's challenge Handle with care.

A hackathon experience like no other with awesome people. Hack the future of health tech! 2 days of awesomeness! From food and drinks, to keynotes, workshops and satellite happenings, for all your needs and purposes, we got it. Keep checking the schedule for changes and additions to our hectic program for the weekend.

Sitra’s challenge Handle with care will be about well-being data. Your task is to build an application which either presents parts of given health data in a clever new way, to interact with the data or brings more real-time data using sensors or social media to the data lake. You’ll have all the flexibility to be creative as long as your solution uses the given technologies and has potential to increase well-being.

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